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The Best Hotel In Dalat ( Reasonable Price, Beautiful Room, Convenient Location )

Beautiful Room for staying in Dalat. Cheap and good is real

Pink Grass Hill - Snowy Hill

One of the latest destination in Dalat. Bring a fascinated and gentle beauty. That make sure you will have many peautiful photos

Dalat Flower Festival 2019 - 8th

Every 2 years, We celerbrate a flower festival to introduce our local products to friend and investors from all over the world for trading and promote Local economy.

Dalat Flower Festival 2017

Dalat Flower Festival 2017 will be hold from 23rd to 27th December, This is the biggest festival in Dalat, Which is hold every 2 years

Dalat Places Entrance Fare-Fee-Destination Ticket Price

Dalat Entrance tickets fee, Places Fee in Dalat, Dalat places entrance fare, Destination entrance fare, fee In Dalat

Best hotels to Stay in Dalat

Good hotels to stay in Dalat, Below you can see their information, Check it out and choose your hotel


.This is a great waterfall in Pleiku, Vietnam. Here many people come to take pictures and enjoy their picnic


The place you can visit in Pleiku with a wild beauty. it's suitable for you to relax and enjoy nature


A large lake with synthetic view. It's also provide water for the whole region. Has an Important Impact to the rice economy of the province

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