It is an artificial lake lying on AYUN HA river, it was formed when the river was blocked to build the irrigation system AYUN HA in 1994. The lake is located in Chu A Thai commune, Ayun Ha district, 70 km from the Pleiku in the West. This place is used to water 13000 hectares of agricultural land (mainly the two crops). The area of the surface of the lake is 372 km2, which is suitable for water sports activities, sailing, open air tours.


Ayun Ha Lake is an artificial lake, formed when the Ayun River was intercepted in early 1994, to start the construction of the Ayun Ha Irrigation Project, the main dam and water supply of the lake located in the commune of No A Thai - Ayun Pa district, 70km west of Pleiku city. The main submerged area of ​​the lake is in the commune of Chuong Commune.

Lake located on the Ayun River, downstream, should be named Ayun Ha with the same name as the great irrigation works. The lake lies in the middle of the primeval forest, meandering in valleys, foothills, shrinking as the waist, as wide as the bulge creates a strange shape of a blue water sky. Ayun Ha Lake is more than 20 km long, running along many of the Bahnar and Jrarai ethnic minority villages, adjacent to Mang Yang District, the largest of which is more than 2 km, more than 20 meters deep in the lake bed.
Lake Ayun Ha has resurrected 13,500 ha of arable land, with a lot of 1 crop turning into two rice crops, with the opportunity to visit along the canal between two lush green rice fields full of lush greenery. Nowadays, ethnic minority people only cultivate one crop thanks to the annual rainy season, to see how the project is of great significance to the local people, and the Ayun Ha irrigation works have been completed successfully. High enough to stabilize the lives of ethnic minority people, limiting many cutting down trees, destroying forests.
Ayun Ha Lake, in addition to providing irrigation water for 13,500 hectares of wet rice, is also a big reservoir for hydroelectricity in the area. The Ayun Ha hydropower plant was built and officially connected to the national grid. In 2001, two units went into operation with a capacity of 3,000kwh. With a surface of 37km2 with a capacity of 253 million cubic meters of water, Ayun Ha Lake is also a source of great aquatic resources for Ayun Ha and Pleiku. In addition, the lake is also the place for organizing water sports activities, organizing fleets and boats for tourists to visit, picnic sightseeing lake.

Come to Ayun Ha in the Highland sunshine season, from November to April next year, this season, the water surface is really green, the air is cool by the surrounding forest. There are boat boats on the side of the reservoir of the lake are ready to take tourists to enjoy the ecotourism on the lake-wide between the banks of the trees. From Pleiku city, follow Gia Lai National Route 14, go to Chu Se intersection, turn left onto Highway 25, all just 1 hour in the car, you will come to Ayun Pa district center The whole rice field is vast, from which you can easily see the Lower Ayun Lake.
If you have time to stay in the primeval forest, sometimes hear the birds calling each other, you can also buy and enjoy fresh fish of Ayun Ha Lake. Carp, carp, tilapia, grass carp ... and in particular, the fish is sliced ​​a lot in this vast lake. Please come to Ayun Ha Lake, do not forget, if you have the opportunity to go to the mountainous province Gia Lai of the Central Highlands.