It is in Dun commune, Chu Se district, 45 km from the Pleiku on the South. The waterfall is 45 km high, it lies on the flowing water of "Ia peet" river into "Ayun" river. The waterfall has a natural beauty, the vegetation is green all year round.


The waterfall is now being planned in details to be invested in tourist development.


With a charming, magnificent and magnificent beauty of nature along with the height of 45 m skyscrapers, Phu Cuong waterfall is always an attractive tourist attraction.
Phu Cuong falls on the lava bed of a volcanic eruption, located in the Phu Cuong quarry, in Dun Chu district, Gia Lai province; Approximately 3 km from the town of Chu Se and 45 km southeast of Pleiku city.

Coming here, visitors will admire the magnificent beauty of the waterfall in the rainy season; Immerse yourself in the poetic beauty of the waterfall as soft ribbon across the highland forest in the dry season; Take a bath on the La Peet Stream and watch the murmuring stream pass through the large, small sigma stone to the Ayun River along with the Nha Nang flowers hidden somewhere along the river. streams, rivers, rocks.

 La Peet stream of white foam eradicate Phu Cuong waterfall.
La Peet stream of white foam eradicate Phu Cuong waterfall.
The road leading to the resort has two small roads, one on the Phu Cuong waterfall, the other on the run down the bridge across the La Peet stream - where upstream provide water lines such as the sky for Phu Phuong Cuong below.

In the rainy season, the stream of La Peet flushed white foam, the deep water rushes hissing as if scrambling to flow quickly downstream where the waterfall is received. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the flow of streams, take beautiful pictures for your travel diary. In the dry season, the water flows lightly through the cliffs, small stones, suitable for visitors to immerse themselves in the cool water, melodious in the singing of Ba Na girls, Raglai harmony in the sound of streams run.

The majestic beauty of Phu Cuong waterfall.
Phu Cuong waterfall.
In the hot weather, hot sunshine during the noon of the forest, travelers find the place was called the first Gia Lai Falls to relax, watching the waterfall fall down to the ground, a reflection of the light sunshine, make up the rainbow ribbon rainbow between the beautiful waterfall.

Many non-adventurous travelers choose to shade under the trees to relax, sip beer, chat with friends and family. Young people love adventure, adventure paths along the path leading deep into the mountain wall to have the opportunity to see the majestic beauty of unique mountains offer this unique waterfall.

The jumps from the slab to the falls, standing on the stone to feel the steps of the waterfall from the mountain, or explore the beauty of the stone cliffs hidden behind the magnificent waterfall. Create attraction, excitement and attract all visitors.

Traveling in the Central Highlands with tall elephants is considered one of the most interesting forms of tourism on arrival. At the Phu Cuong Waterfall, visitors will find easy to rent elephants to explore the mountains, forests, Phu Cuong scenery, or find the downstream of the River Ayun to see the strange flower Nha Nha somewhere on the river. , in the interstitial.

Some more information when traveling Phu Cuong waterfall:

Entrance fee: Approximately VND 15,000 (including waterfall sightseeing and boat trips).

What to bring to the waterfall: You remember to bring food, drinks will be suitable for picnics, picnic more. It is quite wild, the service is not much.

Note: Be careful with areas near waterfalls, which are very dangerous and easy to fall due to slippery. You can carry personal tapes and compact medical supplies to ease the healing of scratches and scratches during rocking.