38 km from Dalat and 300 m away from the National Road No.20 (from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh city, passing Lien Nghia town about 8 km turning right at the intersection).


Gougah is the name called by local people and the Viet call it “O Ga” According to old fairy stories of the South West Highlands Gougah used to be the treasury place of Queen Naf Birit ( of cham)Naf Birit was a Vietnamese, she married a Cham king and was adored by the king. The mandarins of the king asked him to build a castle outside the kingdom to cure Queen’s illness. When the Queen died, the king buried her at that wild place and with her he buried all treasure. According to another historical story of the Cham, the Queen Naf Biri was Huyen Tran princess of Vietnam.


This is one of the ideal holiday destinations in Dalat, which is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to bathe, camp, eating and admire the spectacular waterfall.



Climbing the falls





Located on Highway 20, Gougah waterfall is about 37 km from Da Lat city. The waterfall in Duc Trong district is the vicinity of Da Lat. When moving from Da Lat - Bao Loc or Da Lat - Saigon, visitors can also easily see signposts to the falls are very clear.

In the past, the road to the falls is very crooked, bumpy, and pebbled to create very dangerous holes, so people here often joke Gougah waterfall into the Ga,, also due to the homosexual, variable The name Ổ Chicken is also quite familiar to many when it comes to the Gougah Dalat.

Dalat Gougah Waterfall - Dalat News

Da Nhim River flows through Lien Nghia Town and is broken when it reaches the Phu Hoi commune and drops 30 meters into the cliff, creating the mighty Gougah Falls. There are other explanations for why the fall is called Ổ Chicken. When looking at waterfalls from far away, the waterfall has two streams, poured into the lake, one made reddish water for soil, one is the white water, so people associate the chicken egg with yolk and white, However, this interpretation is not really convincing.

Dalat Gougah Waterfall - Dalat News

Today, the cascades have been cleared of roads to go down, creating favorable conditions for the development of tourism in this place. With more than 10 hectares of the tourist area, there are many areas for picnic, camping, fast food, and flower gardens, bonsai is also very interesting. Guests can also take part in adventure climbing through the falls, or climbing by cable.