150 km from Buon Ma Thuot, in Dak Nong district, Dieu Thanh waterfall consists of one big waterfall 30 m high and many other small waterfalls, on Dac Tit spring. The waterfall splashes and makes a cold gust of fog which creates a relaxing feeling after a tour for tourist from the Southern land. In the waterfall, there are some small caves, with many flat blocks of rock outside to make good places of rest for visitors.

Thuy Tien waterfall has 3 stages: The first stage has small stone steps, the waterfall is small and water gently flows in the middle of green trees, the second stage spreads out with many steps where water showers and the third stage water flows up right down that creates a deep lake and then continue flowing gently, winding in the vast forest. Thuy Tien waterfall is like a fairy hidden in the middle of the forests



Thuy Tien waterfall

From KrongNang to Tam Giang direction about 7km to Thuy Tien Waterfall or Three Stories Waterfall (Tam Giang, Krong Nang, Dak Lak). This is a beautiful waterfall in the wild, little known. Not only beautiful, this place also preserves the legendary heroine of a virgin daughter.

See the beauty of wild waterfall Thuy Tien
The road to the falls.
The old story that, once did not understand why the Giang anger kept the sun forever draining rivers and lakes. Her husband H'Nang and the boys in the village have to go far to find new land. But they did not return. She H'T tired in nostalgia for her husband and also the vileness of the village dying, dying of hunger and disease.

One day, she decided to go find her husband, find a new land. She went forever, looking forever, finally exhausted fallen in the middle of a shallow stream. Merciful mercy, her courage, Giang mercy, raining down. Rivers, streams soon filled with water, the resurrection came back but H'm Nang was not alive again. Her hair stretches along the small stream and becomes a beautiful and graceful waterfall. That is Thuy Tien waterfall today.

See the beauty of wild waterfall Thuy Tien
The road to the waterfall is quite beautiful with bent pass roads, coffee fields, green rubber. Somewhere, under the slope, there is a small green valley, clear stream with a solitary bridge. The mountain is blurred in the fog and the cold of the highlands evokes tranquility, tranquility.

High season tourist, temporary parking hold of local people. In the other seasons, visitors to the place, just pull the key out, let that car down to visit the falls. From the distance, I heard the sound of water flowing, but I wanted to go down to the waterfall to add more than 100 steps. Then, we were surprised to see the gentle beauty of the falls.

Thuy Tien Waterfall has 3 floors. The first floor has a low slope, with steps up and down, the water flowing smoothly between the green tree arch cool like a cherry tree to cover the whole waterfall. Both sides of the waterfall have many roots let go looks like beautiful little swings that evoke the image of the forest boy with laughter in the clear.

The second floor of the waterfall extends with the stepping stone. Also at this cascade, there is a place where the water flows down, white and clear to form an open-air swimming pool. Immerse yourself in clear water, cool, headphones wind, water, all the tired of the route, of life as forgotten.

The third floor of the waterfall, the water flow is not gentle but poured straight down from the top to create a deep lake. Then gently turn into a flowing water bending between thousands of quiet blue, evoking in the hearts of visitors the feeling of epic poetry.