It was built by a French in 1960 and it was designed like a minority bungalow of the minorities of the Northern  West Highlands.


There were 2 tiled roofs, with right angles at 17 m, it was tiled by 80.000 flat tiles. The two roofs are about 100 tons in weight. On the top there are pictures of two animals: a tiger and Phoenix which symbolize the strength and the intelligence of the human. Inside, the glass windows are all square to express the national idea about the formation of the universe. This is a precious historical vestige of the local minorities in Dalat because formerly this place (round Cam Ly waterfall) was the residential region of rather prosperous minority tribe.


or the church of the nation. Unlike most Catholic churches, Cam Ly Church has no crucifix on the roof, built entirely of stone, wood with unique architecture type of communal house of high ethnic minorities.

However, this architecture was styled with two steep sloping roofs with 80,000 straight tiles by French priest Boutary and construction contractor Nguyen Thanh Ho from 1960 to 1968 was completed.

The construction of the contractor left 8,000 tiles in the room after the damaged tiles are still tile "zin" to replace. The walls are built of green stone, pine planted on both sides, so all year round the church is cool even during the dry summer months. Thanks to that, whether it be noon or noon, winter or summer, entering the church you always feel cool. It is one of the unique features of Cam Ly church, church ...

The second is the glass window brought from overseas to Vietnam ... The contractor also retained some glass door when broken glass replacement. The third unique feature is that the architecture of the church has a mixture of Western architecture in harmony with the customs of the mountain people.

On the main facade of the church, the Trinity is replaced by three large stars, which are coordinated by triangular glasses. The statue of God on the cross has three heads of buffaloes from large to small arranged under the foot of the symbolic trinity of God and also represent the offerings of ethnic people sacrificed their rites.

Inside the church are the symbolic beasts of the people. Tiger symbol strength; deer simplicity, simplicity; phoenix symbol of nobility; buffalo is both the plow of the people and the sacrifice Yang ... All located outside the church wall.

Although built in the mid-20th century, Cam Ly church holds ancient statues for hundreds of years. A statue was stolen in the 1970s. Left two statues: the statue of Our Lady inside the church was carved in France from the 19th century (1875); The black statue on the side of the nuns lives the same age. You will discover the exact age when visiting the church with the five statues listed below.

Here you also know the ascetic life, the sacrifice of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady. Sisters have been raising nearly a hundred children are ethnic children. When you come to Mai Anh Hill, Domaine De Marie Church buy jam, sweater ... are the hand with the nourishment of poor children ethnic minority in Da Lat.

All proceeds from the Domaine church sale will be transferred to the sisters in the church. And the clothes, wool scarves you bought as gifts to friends, relatives or beautify the streets of Saigon on the cold winter days ... is the product of the children They are looking for a small door to life.

Want to go to church? It's easy. From Mai Anh hill down, turn left onto Tran Binh Trong Street, drive about ten kilometers to the driving school, looking to the left is a wooden church. A unique place to explore this summer.