It is in Bao Loc district. It is an ideal place for ecology and open air tour.

Dambri waterfall resortDambri waterfall resort

Dambri waterfall

According to a legend, there were two lovers, his name was Dam and her name was Hobi, Hobi was the daughter of the cruel chief of a tribe who didn’t want Hobi to marry a poor man as Dam and forced to move to a remote place. Missing her lover so much, Hobi cried day after day but Dam never comes back. One day, Hobi cried and then screamed. The people, hearing her scream, went out and saw that she had transformed into the waterfall.So the waterfall was named Dambri-which means Long For. At the top of the waterfall, there is an original forest with interlaced licenses every where and there is a local minority tribe (Dang T’Dung tribe of the Ma) which still has some traditional activities suitable for anyone who wants to study ecology and the culture. In this tribe, there is an old man named K’Dop who is 100 years old and his ears are pierced by 2 elephants for tusks.

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Coming here, in addition to admiring the beauty of the waterfall, visitors can also explore the beauty of the primeval forests, participate in games, boating, duck or bike ride for a walk...

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Tips once you visit to Dambri Waterfall

Don’t forget to bring a camera when coming here. These fantastic scenes worth shooting.

The center of Bao Loc city is over 16 km, hidden behind the tea hills, mulberry fields, and green coffee. The Damb'ri waterfall is formed from the natural and legendary nature of K'ho people making Damb'ri Falls even more imposing. When traveling to Dalat - you do not miss the opportunity to populate waterfalls higher than 60m, the day with huge blocks of water from the sky to flush white foam to create a mysterious and majestic scene. Đamb'ri is the most beautiful waterfall in the South Central Highlands.
★ Come to Damb'ri tourist resort, you will be immersed in natural space with many attractive outdoor activities.
★ From Bao Loc town - Lam Dong through the hills of tea, coffee, fruit trees are green, visitors will come to Dambri ecological tourism to enjoy the majestic beauty and cool climate of the forest. born in the Central Highlands. Dambri waterfall is about 60m high. The Rainy season, the upstream water rumbling to roaring, a few kilometers away hear the sound. Around the waterfall is a forest almost still retain intact beauty wild uncovered with an area of nearly 300ha with enough birds. Many ancient trees such as stars, vultures, so many originals ... to a few three arms embrace are also here. The road to the center of the resort has a cement bridge over 20m long across the stream, near the falls. Standing on the bridge, tourists can enjoy the majestic scenery of the torrential flow from the top of the falls. Guests want to go down the foot of the falls can go two ways: elevator or road. But most travelers choose the road along the mountainside, has been so convenient to travel to enjoy the scenery. Along the way along the stream toward the upstream, want to cross the other side guests will be one. Tests of ingenuity and courage when wandering on the bridge in the style of an ethnic minority in the local still do. The bridge is braided from the vines are available in the forest, such as a song, rattan, giang, Lo ... In the village of Chau Ma ethnic - one of the ethnic culture in the Central Highlands, guests will enjoy gong festivals, explore the traditional brocade weaving and can also bring tents to organize a picnic. That's a lot of fun.
★ In order to make the visitors more lively, the Management Board of Dambri ecotourism area also delineates a breeding area for mammals. Monkey Island here have hundreds of children, deer are raised freely release visitors are not surprised and excited when encountered. There are also bears, turtles, turtles. In particular, elephants were domesticated and obediently followed the instructions of the monk. Guests can sit on elephant's back for souvenir photos. Going around a large tourist resort, you can rest on the thousands of square meters Dambri Lake, rent a boat to enjoy fishing on the lake.