DaLat University

It on a romantic hill at one end of Cu hill (the North of Ho Xuan Huong lake), on Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street (near flower garden).

The university of Dalat

With an area of 40 hectares, the university was founded at the end of the 50s as a private university managed by the Southern Vietnamese Catholics. Formerly, this was the zone of the Young Cadets school of Asia. Before 1975, the university had a famous department called the political business which attracted students allover the south, this department had over 100 students.Formerly, all buildings in the university were called by names taken from Chinese books such as Nang Tinh (silence), Dat Nhan (becoming a man), Tri Nhat (knowledge), Minh Thanh (success)...After 1975, the school became the general University of the zone and began to operate in 1977. The University of Dalat has various departments that satisfy the need of training workmen for the South Midlands and the Western Highlands. Students are from many parts of the country, from the North especially the old provinces of Thanh Nghe, from the coastal regions of the Midlands. The number of students increase each year and in 2003 there are over 13000 students. The university has 22 fields with 10 departments.

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For landscape, the University of Dalat is one of the most beautiful and the most peacefulschools all over the country with a typical architecture of Dalat.

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The university of Dalat 6

To improve the quality and depth of training, DHU is step by step implementing the project of renewal of training programs, renovation of teaching methods, examinations and evaluation in the direction of using M - book (e-curriculums) and apply advanced teaching methodologies to key disciplines, leading to the implementation of all the curriculums. Over the past year, more than 90% of students have achieved good or better. Every year, the school organizes the "serious season" so the exams finish the course and the graduation exam is implemented in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and regulations of the school.

The annual graduation rate of the university is always high, providing high-quality labor for society
The rate of graduates of the university is always high, providing labor resources
high quality for society
In 5 years (2010 - 2015), the total number of regular graduates more than 13,000 students. In particular, college graduates more than 1,200, affiliated university 651, university more than 11,200. Graduates have trained more than 493 PhDs, PhDs have 3 graduate students successfully defend the thesis. The quality of training of bachelors, masters, and doctors has been increased. In addition to maintaining a Ph.D. and 7 master's degree programs, the College has initiated programs to expand the four Ph.D. majors in order to enhance the stature and prestige of a university and postgraduate institution. It also provides high qualified staff for the Central Highlands and surrounding areas.

To improve the quality of training, DHU always attaches great importance to the development of the staff. The strategic objective of developing the contingent of civil servants is to develop young faculty members, prioritize the recruitment of new faculty and prepare staff for the next phase. Over the past five years, the school has 37 instructors who have been trained in master's degrees (foreigners 4, domestic 33) and 87 instructors (42 abroad, 45). There are currently 506 staffs, including 9 associate professors, 43 doctors, 251 masters and 164 undergraduates.

At present, there are 44 training disciplines in the fields of Natural Sciences - Technology, Society - Humanities, Economics, and Pedagogy, including colleges, universities, higher education and advanced. Since 2012, the school is assigned by the Government to train human resources for nuclear and nuclear power development. On the occasion of the visit to DHU, Standing Deputy Head of the Central Highlands Steering Committee, Tran Viet Hung emphasized: "The University focuses on training to ensure quality, meet social needs and become a research center. science - technology transfer leading in the Central Highlands, South Central Coast, South East and is the center for researching the human society with high cultural identity Tay Nguyen, competitive in context. integration".

Toward becoming a key university in the Central Highlands, DHL has been building schools to attract attractive talents, as evidenced by the annual enrollment rate of high school (high 80%), the target of the next year is always higher than the previous year (2014-2015 enrollment of 3,000 targets, the recruitment of 3,000 targets in 2015-2016). The school also focuses on building a healthy pedagogical environment, which is the effective research center to meet the comprehensive reform of the basic education.