The waterfall is very near the city center only 2 km from the market. It is at the end of Hoang Van Thu street.



Formerly, it was the residential place of a tribe of the ethnic minorities (there is now a Cam Ly church which is pretty big).




The waterfall flows down like a lady’s long hair. for a long time, it has been famous with this song: “ Oh Dalat! can you here Cam Ly sobbing for its first broken love...’’.



Cam Ly Falls is a famous tourist attraction of Dalat, which is suffering from severe pollution. Although the local government invested hundreds of billions to improve the flow, treat the wastewater, make the dam "filter" the water before flowing to this waterfall but finally powerless.

One time
Cam Ly Waterfall is located about 3km west of Dalat City, receiving the water of Cam Ly stream originating from the forest area of Đaahoa (Lạc Dương district) flowing to Xuan Huong Lake and small streams flowing through Phan Dinh Phung, Hai Ba Trung ...

Cam Ly is a beautiful waterfall, white, like a woman painted in the heart of the "flower city" as a heartfelt traveler and become an endless source of inspiration for them. poet, songwriter: "Cam Ly beautiful dream / Pine forest, waterfall, misty still drunk!"

At that time, standing at the foot of the waterfall looking up, visitors can catch a small village of Lat ethnic minority who hills on the hillside, intercourse between green pine forest is a cherry apricot forest. Below, the stream of Cam Ly flows from Xuan Huong Lake to here meet the large granite rocks, burst into a white waterfall and run away lost to the West.

Surrounding the waterfall is surrounded by a primeval forest with tinkling waves all day and night. A small narrow land road winding from the foot of the waterfall to village, afternoon the girls often ethnic Cam Ly waterfall to get water with the gourd. The scene around the waterfall is wild and illusory. A suspension bridge is crossed so visitors can walk from one side to the other. A temporary home built with paintings so that couples can rest, watching the mist early morning or sunset.

However, from 2000 to present, with the population growth and speed "urbanization" lack of planning to the dizzy of Dalat, people have broken the landscape and make Cam Ly pollution day the worse. Causes of wastewater, garbage, pesticides, animal carcasses from the residential areas along the streams are unconscious people poured down the stream to the waterfall, causing beautiful waterfall on loading day the stench Visitors complaining, complaining, public comment.

In that situation, 2003 Da Lat People's Committee has deployed the project up to hundreds of billion to clear, expand the basin and improve the flow of the streams to Cam Ly waterfall with streams concretely run through residential areas; At the same time, the project of wastewater treatment plant is located at Ngo Quyen street.

Cam Ly Waterfall Resort was assigned to Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company for investment, embellishment, tourism, and tourism. The Board of Directors of Cam Ly Water Park said that in 2011, the company has invested 1.4 billion VND to build a dam to treat the water before putting it down to avoid pollution. trash! The water before moving to Cam Ly has been circling more than 10km through the residential area, bringing a large amount of waste and domestic waste. Only the stream starts from the Xuan Huong Lake dam flowing to Cam Ly. There are hundreds of small sewers that dump waste water.

Every day, the lake bed at the foot of the waterfall must bear the battle with the packaging, dead animal carcasses, bottles of pesticides. Workers of Cam Ly Waterfall Resort said that the amount of waste collected from streams and rubber dams on average about 6m3! Along the streams of Hai Ba Trung, Phan Dinh Phung and Le Quy Don, we find people here "disinterested" to throw garbage, discharge wastewater down the stream to Cam Ly waterfall.

According to the latest monitoring data of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Lam Dong, Cam Ly Falls falls into organic and microorganism pollution with increasing severity. The parameters of pollution assessment exceeded the standard many times, the most concern is that the water source, in this case, is 16.5 fold more than the specified. This is the reason why not in the tourist has "heard" the smell of Cam Ly waterfall!

At present, Cam Ly waterfall is one of the lowest tourist spots in Da Lat. An official of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Lam Dong province is not afraid that, with the level of pollution of water sources, Cam Ly waterfall is no longer guaranteed to serve tourism.

Thinking, to solve the serious pollution of the Cam Ly as it is now, it is time for Da Lat City People's Committee, Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the authorities need timely propaganda for local people to raise awareness of environmental protection, do not throw garbage, discharge wastewater into streams flowing to Cam Ly waterfall; In addition, it is necessary to set up a full-time patrol team, seriously sanctioning the lack of awareness of the Law on Environmental Protection. Is it possible to save the beautiful Cam Ly waterfall in the city of flowers are "death".

Writing here, I suddenly heard the echoes of the song "Da Lat sunset" with the chorus: "Da Lat ơi! Have heard Cam Ly crying love first unfinished!