It is 8 km from Dalat (in Trai Mat zone) near the National Road No. 27. It is in District 11 Dalat.


It was built in 1949-1952 and was renovated in 1990 by Thich Tam Vi Monk. The architecture of the pagoda is Asian style.The gate of the pagoda is near the National Road. The main building Worships Buddha on a lotus flower (4.9 high): the two sides are two dragons inland with pottery, decorated with pictures played with pieces of dishes and both telling the story of Buddha.In front of the pagoda, there is the picture of a dragon kneeling to WorshipBuddha.








From 1998, Linh Phuoc Pagoda and Trai Mai railway station have become a tourist tour and it can be coordinated with Hang Cop waterfall tour (6 km from there).

Tips once you visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Don’t forget to bring a camera when coming here. These fantastic scenes worth shooting.

The temple holds 11 Vietnamese records

The pagoda was built in 1949, and in 1990 the pagoda was rebuilt on a larger scale than many times.

What makes the difference of the temple is the Linh Phuoc is the construction of the temple are all inlaid with pieces of porcelain, porcelain, bottles outside. Because of this difference, the temple is also called "pagoda". However, the pagoda still bold features traditional Vietnamese sculpture.

The temple is famous for its unique architecture. This is also the favorite destination of Buddhists, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists
The temple is famous for its unique architecture. This is also the favorite destination of Buddhists, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists
The temple has an area of 6,666.84 square meters, the main temple is 33 meters long, 12 meters wide with 2 rows of mahogany dragons, above are many mosaic bas-reliefs depicting the history of Buddha Shakyamuni and the histories in the French flowers, Amitabha.

Besides, the pagoda also has a dragon statue 49 m long, 1.3 m wide. To create a curved line for the body of the dragon, people do not carve on concrete that uses up to 12,000 bottles of beer to make the dragon body.

Owning the unique architecture of Dalat, Linh Phuoc Pagoda is a remarkable destination for tourists. Here, people admire the beautiful beauty from the porcelain color of the temple. Besides, it is also a spiritual place where people relax in ancient meditation.

Not only the place of meditation, spiritual, Linh Phuoc pagoda is the temple recognized many records Vietnam. The records confirmed at Linh Phuoc Pagoda:

1. The tallest tower in Vietnam (36 m): The 7-storeyed 7-storey Linh Thap with the 4.3-meter high Dai Hong Chung, the 2.33 m bell mouth, weighs 8,500 kg, was cast in 1999; Also considered the heaviest bell in Vietnam.

The bell casting has the contribution of resources, resources of Buddhist, visitors from the North to the South, at home and abroad. A group of Hue artisans who have had three bell-casting years have been invited to spend more than a year molding, molding and engraving images on the bell, including the famous Buddhist temples of our country, hand, the scenery ...

2. Highest Buddha statue in the house in Vietnam: Located in the complex of 324 statues of Quan The Amphitheater with the height of 3.7 m, and "the highlight" is a statue in the 17 m high electrical center, statue This has just established the statue of Buddha Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in the house with the highest reinforced concrete in Vietnam.

The tallest indoor Buddhist statue in Vietnam.
The tallest indoor Buddhist statue in Vietnam.
3. Bodhi statue of the largest wooden Vietnam.

4. Avalokiteshvara statue made of 600,000 immortal flowers: In front of the pagoda is a statue of Buddha Avalokitesvara is associated with 18 meters high immortal flower, this is an Asian record made in 2010.

Quan Yin Bodhisattva made of 600,000 immortal flowers.
Quan Yin Bodhisattva made of 600,000 immortal flowers.
The statue is made of 600 thousand immortal flowers by 600 Buddhists and 30 artisans who work in 20 days, still remain intact.

5. Sculpture of king (peacock) wood largest star in Vietnam.

6. The most famous pagoda.

7.Broce wood contains the largest set of business in Vietnam.


8. The largest wooden starboard in Vietnam (15 m long).

9. "Song bách choi" - works art established record Vietnam.

10. The set of wooden tables and stools touching the 12 most ancient Vietnamese.

11. Architectural scene recreates the scene of Se Lien looking through the 18 largest hells in Vietnam (the length of the tunnel hell about 300m).

The story of strange auras at the temple

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located about 7km from the city center, on the national road 20 from the city to Cau Dat. Besides the unique architecture, Linh Phuoc Pagoda also appeared strange phenomenon attracted the curious attention of many people.

At this temple also appeared a very strange and exciting phenomenon, attracting thousands of curious people to see. That is the continuous for several days, at the top of the stupa of Linh Phuoc Pagoda appeared a colorful halo looks very nice.

This phenomenon appears three times in a row as the bode well before the country of thousand flowers.

The phenomenon continued to appear on 16 and 17.9.2009, and the last appeared on 15th March 2009. The appearance of the phenomenon according to many people that it is the halo of the Buddha. However, then, according to the explanation of the Da Lat Nuclear Research Institute, the fact that halo is an imperfect rainbow.