At first, Dalat market was at 3/4 cinema (Hoa Binh cinema) on top of Hoa Binh square and it was called “ Wooden Market” (because it was made of Wood, tiled by tolls), and the inhabitants of Dalat that time was only about two thousand. In 1037, a fire destroyed all wooden houses. The market was rebuilt in front of a coffee,there were no walls around because the population was small, the weather was cold,the market was open from morning till 4 p.m. The empty area in front of the market was called the market square.The book “Dalat, a city on plateau” by Ho Chi Minh city publisher in 1993 wrote:“Just in front of the market, there is a badge carved the picture of a Lach couple, a tiger, and a Latin proverb. Most of the stores around the market were owned by the Chinese.

In 1958, the population of Dalat rose quickly, people decided to build a new market in a water crimson pool (the same place now). The old market was transformed to Hoa
Binh cinema. Between the new market and the old market (the kiosques nowadays) there were French and Indian shops (they have been repaired till now). After being abroad, the famous architect Ngo Viet Thu ( who had won the Roman championship about architecture) gave some ideas about building some stairs going to make it separate.


Architect Ngo Viet Thu

In 1999, on the occasion of the one hundred years of finding out Dalat, the market was started to renovate. The whole area of the market is 22.000 m2 with 1469 business households.there is also an area for hotels (not built yet) which in 8556 m2. There are different types of products which are sold here, mainly on the ground floors and first floor. On the ground floor, there 93 stores selling specialties of Dalat. The most noticeable place is the flower place with 28 stores at the front of the market and some of these stores are 40 years old. On Lunar New Year day flowers are sold every where and flower bloom up.This makes the market brilliant.




Besides flowers, jam and fruit are sold on the ground floor. Side an off the floor sells woolen clothes and handicrafts. Wollen clothes are traditional in Dalat, this job attracts a lot of female workers and there are various types of models with a various price suitable for all people.Dalat market is also specialized in selling vegetables (including fruit and potatoes). 





Enjoy the cuisine

The first thing to do and when to go to Dalat night market is the food! The food at the night market has an irresistible taste and tactile touch. And if the stomach can not contain all of these specialties, then you can not forget the following:

Beef sticks of all kinds, colorful and fragrant with only 5k / skewers
Baked sweet potatoes, grilled corn, grilled eggs in zinc paper for the cold air here

Soybean milk, green beans, peanuts for warm day belly.

And the baked cake with butter, eggs, cheese, onions do not mix to create a very "pizza" of Da Lat.
Cold stores

There is no place in the south where you can buy cheap clothes like Dalat. That is why many tourists even travel a few days they still carry the suitcase to buy "cool" at the night market.

Most of the wool hats here are handicrafts

Cool pants are very good at reasonable prices so visitors also easily shop for their satisfactory.

Young people are excited to shop here.

Photographed at the statue of a soldier

If you have come to the market you can not ignore the photo with the statue heroic Vietnam Hero standing on the globe 3m high. Although nothing outstanding, the statue was attached to the image of Da Lat market since the market was built. Also located in the basement of the statue, a "center" of the busy night market is shrinking with countless street vendors - cultural beauty of the night market that you can not ignore.

The image of the women who sacrificed in the war became the symbol of Da Lat market.

Buy souvenirs

Speaking of souvenirs here in Dalat, you can "buy easy, easy to sell" as the night market. Compared with the tourist shops, souvenirs in the night market are much "soft" with a lot of handmade products.

This handmade wooden furniture is very popular with young people as a souvenir
The famous immortal flower in Da Lat is also often bought as a gift after each trip here.
Brocade bags, wool hooks are also offered as souvenirs.
Tattoos, write the name on the keychain
If you only see the messages on the Saigon market every weekend, at night market, you always see the image of the very young people like this. These services are also developed by most of the employers. So still hesitating but not "buy" a tattoo before leaving Dalat?

A female friend is choosing words to engrave the name of the rice padlock.

This girl also wonders to choose a tattoo for her.
Enjoy specialty jams
If buying candy jam specialty at Dalat night market is normal, then enjoying free jelly candy will be an enjoyable experience for visitors. At some specialty shops in Dalat, you will be entitled to enjoy these jams before buying as much as you like. In order to bring the best things to your taste, would you like to try before you buy?
Dried fruits are always "delicious delicious" of Saigon.

At this specialty store, visitors can try jam jams like strawberry jam, potato jam, coconut jam and choose to buy as gifts.

Walking in the market "Korea" in Vietnam

If you love Korean culture you can not ignore the famous Dongdaemun Market in Seoul. Dalat night market is a second modest Dongdaemun. Coming to Dalat market, the stroll in the night market with cold weather, breathe fresh air interwoven with the smell of food, night dew wandering around the restaurant with the light yellow fuzzy virtual lights. A scene of "Dongdaemun" in a very romantic Vietnamese style?

Dalat night market viewed from above.

Dense fog makes the atmosphere more like the Dongdaemun night market in Korea.
Dalat night market is a cheap paradise for the si. Only with a few tens of thousands of "tossing" the night market, you can hug a lot of cheap items but the style is very beautiful, durable.
The si is sold on the road many tourists visit.
Night market for breakfast
It is strange that this is the habit of the people here. At the night market fresh fruit and vegetables always "welcome" the housewife until late. Because Dalat is small and busy work, so many people here take the time to go shopping "night" for the whole day. Do you want to try the market here?


Housewives often go to night markets to prepare for breakfast.

Experience the "Western Quarter"

If you think that only Saigon has West Bui Vien, you are wrong. At Dalat night market you still see foreign visitors "living" in a "very Vietnamese" cultural space that is night market. If you are not afraid you can talk to them to "pocket" more interesting stories in the night market.