Dalat located on high mountain region with the altitude more than 1400 meter above sea level, Many green forests with good water holding capability so Dalat is the source of many rivers, that also created a bunch of great waterfalls. Dalat countryside tour is organized to bring you to see our rural life our people to see our beautiful waterfalls and try Dalat coffee.




Tour 1: Agriculture, elephant waterfall, and weasel coffee 

1 Van Thanh village: The main village supporting flowers for the whole country, enter a family and their farm to contact to them and see their beautiful flowers.

vanthanh flower vilage 

2 Ta Nung pass: See a new pass is winding around with the pine trees, some little cows walk up and down every day to looking for grass,

Tanung pass

3 K'Ho minority village: Their original land is Dalat, but they don't want to be mixed so they moved around. come here to see how they live, their culture and habits

k ho minority vilage

4 Coffee plantation and weasel coffee: thousand coffee trees, beautiful view, you can see the difference of three kinds of coffee, Cherry, Arabica, and Robusta coffee, you also have a chance to try the best coffee in the world, Weasel animal coffee.

weasel coffee

5 Cricket farm: farmer rearing cricket for foods. see the way they farming and try crunchy crikets. you will be addicted of it.

cricket farm

6 Rice wine making house: See they make rice wine and try different wine, sticky rice wine, normal rice wine and red rice wine.

rice wine making house

7 elephant waterfall. The most power waterfall in Dalat.

elephant waterfall


The Tour starts at 8.30 and ends at 15.30pm ( pick up and drop at your hotel) 

Transportation: Private Car ( 2 or 4 pax go by 7 seats car,  6 pax go by 16 seats car )

PRICE: include Entrance tickets, Water, english speaking tour guide, Private car.

Pax  2 4 5
Usd/pax 35 20 15 




Tour 2: Architecture, waterfalls and coffee drink


1 Robin hill: a palace with pine tree like home of MR Robin Hood. here you can see the whole Dalat city from the top and pine forest view

robin hill dalat

2 Cable car: 2.3 km enjoy the fresh air and listen to bird chirping sound.

cable car dalat

3 Truclam monastery: Tto see the theravada Institute for meditation in Vietnam.

truclam monastery

4 Tuyen lam lake: The most peaceful lake in dalat which is beautiful for picture

Tuyen lam lake dalat

5 Preen waterfall: Yyou can go betwen rocks and water, feel the cool air, get over a monkey brige and you can see elephants and ostrids

dalat ostrich riding

6 Pongour water fall: the biggest water fall in the south of Vietnam. the waterfall with many terraces like the hair of a girl falling down from the mountain. This near a vocanal long time a go

pongour waterfall

7 French villas quater: See different architectures of French people.

french villas dalat

8 Old train station: Legendary about this station, 30 years for building and now became one of the most special station in the world.


The Tour starts at 8.30 and ends at 15.30pm ( pick up and drop at your hotel

Transportation: Private Car ( 2 or 4 pax go by 7 seats car,  6 pax go by 16 seats car )

PRICE: include Entrance tickets, Water, english speaking tour guide, Private car.

Not included ( Lunch, cable car ticket (2,5 usd))

PAX 2 4 5
USD/PAX 35 20 15








Tour 3: Combined tour 1 and 2


1 Robin hill

2 Cable car

3 Truclam monastery

4 Tuyen lam lake

5 Chiken Vilage ( K'Ho vilage)

6 Pongour waterfall

7 Elephant waterfall

8 Silk factory

9 cricket farm

10 rice making wine

11 weasel coffee and coffee plantation

12 Black tomatoes , pumpkin, strawberry, flower Farm


The Tour starts at 8.30 and ends at 5.30pm ( pick up and drop at your hotel

Transportation: Private Car ( 2 or 4 pax go by 7 seat car,  6 pax go by 16 seat car )

PRICE: include Entrance tickets, Water, English speaking tour guide, Private car.

Not included: Lunch, Cable car ticket (2.5 USD)


PAX 2 4 5
USD/PAX 45 28 24


huge pumpkinblack tomato dalatstrawberry garden


Elephant Waterfall - Weasel Coffee

This tour offers you chance to discover our beautiful countryside, see the most powerful waterfall, try the most expensive coffee

Price: 20 Usd

Pongour Waterfall Tour

Spend one day to travel to the Pongour waterfall the most romantic beautiful fall In Vietnam

Price: 20 Usd

Dalat Nature and City tour

We organize a tour for you with a half day discover the sceneries, Waterfal and Nature, a half day to visit some historical and culture places in the city

Price: 20

Dalat Waterfall Tour

These are four waterfalls that can not be missed in Da Lat, Vietnam. We are the only company in Dalat to offer you change to discover all the famous waterfalls in One day, 150 Km for the trip.

Price: 1.050.000 Vnd

Langbiang Mountain and K'ho coffee

This tour is organized for who interested in knowing our culture through the Lat minority people and see our city from the top of the highest mountain

Price: 25 Usd

Clay World - Cu Lan Village Tour

Clay World, A new destination in Dalat. The clay tunnel with many artworks will make you amazed of the beautiful city image

Price: 20 Usd

3 Days Package Dalat Tour

If you intend to go to Dalat but dont know much about our city. we can help you to tailor a good program for you to see our city in 3 days without worry

Price: 45

Waterfall-Clay tunnel-Flower Tour

This is a good opportunity for you to see the whole Dalat from the city to the countryside and all famous waterfalls in one day

Price: 50 Usd

Dalat City Tours

Dalat with more than 2300 french buildings and many sightseeings connecting with our culture and history. Let we help you discover Dalat city

Price: 25 Usd

Dalat Countryside Tours

One day tour to the countryside, the best way to see local people, waterfalls and enjoy coffee by private car

Price: 0

Dalat Motorbike Tour - Easy Riders

Enjoy Dalat Countryside by motorbikes. You can touch the nature, go to small alleys to Discover the Real Dalat

Price: 36

Dalat-Nha trang in One Day

Our car and tour guide take you on the one day tour with reasonable price that you can enjoy the view and the real Vietnam

Price: 40

Tea-Wine-Coffee Tasting Tour

This tour give you a chance to try all the dalat specialties such as wine, coffee, tea, this is a must do tour in Dalat

Price: 20

Elephant Riding Tour - Dalat Tour

A tour was designed for who interested in elephant riding and enjoying the nature, an adventurous activity in Dalat Vietnam

Price: 20

Dalat Canyoning Tour

Dalat activity must do. You can not do it anywhere else in Vietnam, Only in Dalat has this interesting activity.

Price: 70

dalat Jeep Tours

A save mean for traveling and you won't miss any landscapes, enjoy the cool breeze, feel free in nature

Price: 35

Da Lat - Mui ne Tour In One Day

See 4 Countries In One Day Instead of taking a crazy bus. We offer you one day tour from Dalat to Muine to see all the interesting things

Price: 75

Trekking Tour

Trekking through the forest to see the beauty of Dalat and you also have chance to challenge your Limitation

Price: 50

Dalat Bicycle Tour

See Dalat by bicycle, Having fun with our guide, Train you body and also enjoy the Climate in Dalat

Price: 100

Dalat Birds Watching Tour

Dalat is one of the city famous for bird watching in Vietnam, Because of the diversity of bird rates in the forest and Bidoup national park.

Price: 75 Usd

Dalat - Nha Trang Tour 6 Days 4 Nights

If you intend to visit both Dalat city and Nhatrang City in 5 days. No worry about what to do we make out for you the best itinerary to make your vacation become perfect

Price: 300 Usd