Name: Phuong (ANDY)

Age: 25 years old,

characteristics: humorous, can sing very well.

education: gratuated in university ( business administration) , toeic test 750 point, international tour guide license.




Age: 28 years old.

Characteristics: enthusiastic, hilarious, very considerate. Can tell fun story.

Education: Gratuated in college and got international license. 



Name: Ha 

Age: 30 years old.

Characteristics: Deligent, very friendly and knowledgeable, She can sing english songs very well,

Education: Gratuated in university of tourism and got domestic tour guide licence.



Our driver




Name: Dặng đình Thới.

age: 50

Ability: Careful and can speak English well, he had worked for Ana mandara 5 start resort in Dalat




Name: Nguyễn Văn Thọ

Age: 39 years old

Ability: drive carefully and can speaking english very well, polite